How Does One Burn Angels

Of all things to set fire to, angels would be most difficult to catch much less burn them! Well don’t worry we will figure it all out for you and then you can rest easy. Going to the site, before even opening up their page, we are greeted by two incredibly lovely blonde ladies who are hugging each other thereby covering up the majority of their naked bodies as they look at the person opening the page. It’s a great picture, but one is captivated by the amount of ink that is on their bodies, for it is rather substantial. Not sure what the ink signifies, but one has a woman tattooed on her back, while the other has a woman tattooed on her shoulder and upper arm. Oh, this is going to get interesting.
So, prior to opening the page and actually entering Burning Angel, we must read the disclaimer that tells us that we must be of age to enter the site. There is also an agreement that we must agree to, signifying that we agree that we will not in any way ever expose non- adults to their particular content. It then tells us that if indeed we are going to have non-adults using our computer, they suggest that we hold them back from accessing it, by utilizing any of four different products, listed as ASACP, CYBERPATROL, NET NANNY, and or CYBERSITTER. Now we are very aware of all of those products, and we ourselves feel that they are not only necessary but also that they do a really good job. Thus, we also recommend those products highly, so do look for them if you do indeed allow non-adults to make use of your computer.

Actually Entering the Site

Entering the site has really been an eye opener. They bill themselves as being the original home of hardcore (thus far I understand) punk rock emo (now I am lost) porn. Aha, that word I definitely understand, and yes porn is what I am after, though I am completely unsure as to the rest of the words they bill themselves as. So, I went in search of a weird dictionary which can be definitely be found online, and learned that EMO and Punk rock go together, and that it means or relates to a type of music that guys play all while never smiling which is distinguished by having high pitched lyrics that no one can understand which is very melodramatic in nature. OK, that explained it better, and I was ready to dive into that site. Apparently the site is called burning angel because the star who is in most of their movies is called Joanna Angel and damn that girl is simply gorgeous. She is referred to as being an alt goddess. She has long black hair and dark eyes that are set off by incredibly pale skin. Some of their other stars are Jessie Lee, Kleio Valentien, Skin Diamond, Misti Dawn as well as Kylee Kross. Now, Kylee Kross has the most ink I have ever seen on a girl, and she is tattooed everywhere and some of it is incredibly colorful and goes beyond the dark blue that so many utilize. She is even tattooed on her hands which is to some extent rare. She too has black hair and very dark eyes, though I surmise that this type of coloring is all part of this punk emo look. Sometimes the girls are referred to as being punk and goth girls which accounts for all the black.
I have described many of the girls as best as I can but a lot of what I have left off concerns the many piercings that the girls love to show off. Granted there are a lot of navel piercings, but then too there are piercings that have been done through nipples, eyebrows, noses, and cheeks. Some of them have had genital piercings that simply astound, especially when some of these girls have gone through piercing their clit. There are of course many who are pierced through just about everywhere on their genitalia.

What’s To See Here

One should not be surprised that a lot of what is here is actually fetish stuff. They, of course, all pleasure each other without regard to gender, but then that was expected. They also cross the interracial barriers, but again anticipated. What was unexpected though is the amount of subcultures that are covered here. You will see some foot fetish, as well as some BDSM that will cover both females as submissives, and females as Dommes, to the nth degree. Of course they cover lesbian sex quite well, as well as presenting even groupsex that mixes sex with some truly fantastic music that has to be heard as well as what has to be seen to fully enjoy it. The punk collection is absolutely amazing, and this site is just the top layer, as this is an entire Burning Angel Entertainment amalgam.

The Burning Angel Network

It should come as no surprise that Burning Angel is more than a site, it is also a network, and thus as a network a large amount of other sites are being carried by them. This is why they can say that you will be seeing over 300 alt girls, and all their content is absolutely exclusive. Further, they are providing members with free live shows now!

So Ready To Join

There are a number of ways to become a member here. You can begin the whole thing by going for a 3 day trial membership. The cost for that is only $2.95. Or you could go for a monthly membership that cost is only $7.95/month. Some prefer a 3 month membership, and that is going to run $22.98/month. Finally there is a 12 month membership that is going to cost only $95.40 but that works out to be only $7.95/month. So, if you like punk and alt porn, hurry up while these values last.