Coming into the Site

As soon as you enter into this site, you get the feeling you have it all figured out, for it is a sign of the times that all this instant messaging and use of all these smart phones was going to create a site like this. You see it is a site that has been generated by user submitted snapshots like those today send to each other. They are, of course, totally naked and exceedingly depraved as they are being shared with all manner of people on their phones. Before we totally open up this site, we note that apparently the site is being diligent about giving the adult content warnings as we note that they belong to RTA and they are a corporate sponsor to ASACP as well. Since both are utilized to protect non-adults from going to sites such as this one when they are too juvenile to see them, that’s cool! Chat Revenge has been created by females who have sent off selfies to their boyfriends as fresh chicks are apt to do today. However, after the relationship ends, sometimes the boyfriend is angry because he was dumped, and so he turns around and sends those precious selfies to sites such as this. This act of his is called leaking nudes, and apparently it happens often enough that sites such as this one have sprung on the internet, thus creating a brand new niche just when you thought no one could come up with a new niche.

Having Now Entered the Site

Having now gone into the site, we find a plethora of really wonderful pictures as well as videos of some of these gorgeous girls who are sending their nude selfies to what was once boyfriends. The pictures are certainly wanton and excessively sexy. It is amazing what sexting has created today and strangely enough we get to reap the rewards of it. By looking at the pictures, one can definitely ascertain that shaving themselves smooth and without one pubic hair left is certainly the thing to do as far as these fresh guys are concerned. Of all the pictures we surveyed on entering this site, we found only one which showed pubic hair intact, although to be honest it was a wide landing strip, but the lips had definitely been denuded. The fact that today’s smart phones can also take videos has enabled this site to amass a great cluster of really nasty videos too.
The videos are mostly all taken from the bed of these curvaceous ladies, although the privacy of the bathroom comes in a close second. Either one is fine with us, because it is really neat to see that we have been allowed into some sort of inner sanctum. It also lends a personal side to what has been leaked to this site.

What is Best About This Site

It is difficult to narrow down what it was we liked the most about the site. After all it is chock full of beautiful female who are flaunting their bodies in ways that only close lovers ought to be able to see. These are the adorable girl next door kind of girls and that of course is also a huge turn on! At some point it also becomes almost overcoming. After all just the thought of what was going through this girl’s mind when she was doing the nasty to herself with a glass dildo hits you right between the eyes as you jerk off to the video. This site offers you an intimacy that is truthfully amazing, after all we get to see the truly wild and naughty side of girls who thought that only their boyfriends were going to see an lo and behold they are on the Internet for all to see, and worse yet for everyone to get to masturbate to! Got to give it to sites like these that this makes the videos and pictures so much more exciting to think about what these girls would like to do to their boyfriends if they ever tripped over these submissions. We also love how most of the videos begin with the girl doing something totally innocuous first then looking as if she suddenly just came out with the idea of driving her boyfriend nuts by getting him all hard and bothered by her actions. That’s rather cute to see. Also do not expect to see only white gals, although the greater majority of them are white. The guys have also sent in some videos and pictures of their black girlfriends, as well as a few Latina ones. Kind of breaks the monotony right? Don’t worry though, nothing is monotonous on this site ever!

Prepared To Join

If you are prepared to join already, you will be thoroughly surprised to learn that the network of this cool site is the GF Network, and they will allow you into all their sites when you join Chat Revenge. That means you will get to see such fabulous sites for example as Jizz On My GF, Sluts With Phones, Bad Ass Girlfriends, Dirty Wives Exposed and also Me And My Latina. This network also wants your business rather badly as they have made you quite a great offer. You can join this site for a one day of membership for a quick look at their sites for only $1.00, then if you so desire, you can join them for full access for a month at $27.95 which boils down to only $0.83 per day. The best deal is, of course, when you go for a full 3 month membership. Then this cheapest plan will cost you only $0.67 per day which is only $59.97 for all three amazing months of this superb site!