The Site

This site can only be relevant to those who have been or who are studying. If you also want to know what happens in the study rooms then you can as well join this site. It is rare for many of you to forget those amazing house parties where you could go and loosen up. Strangely I have never attended such a party myself because I feared those naughty girls can play tricks on me, though I have many friend s that have. Usually students go to study for those degrees but they as well end up engaging in some really hard core actions that if their parents get to know about they can call them back home. Some of the models here can do anything so that they can get money and maintain that good life. Other go out with their teachers so that they can get the best grades what nowadays is called sexually transmitted grades. CollegeFuckParties is the same site as the one called student sex parties. It is only the name that is different but the content is exactly the same. They have got similar content design even similar models.

User interface

Navigation could not be made simpler like in the CollegeFuckParties.  Once at the sites home page you get a very well laid out design and easy to use interface. The latest flicks are the ones that welcome you into the site. The site does not have an advanced search tool; you will have to only sort the content into various categories. You can rate the content and add the best of the videos to your favorite list. The site represents to you the house parties that go out of hand more so when the people get naughty and start having sex everywhere. There is no model index but the links on the home page gets you to the sections in the content.

The content

The site has got only 81 videos. The videos are outstanding and they run for about three hours. This is absolutely the longest porn videos that I have ever come about in the porn entertainment industry. They have almost similar story line where students organize parties that go out of hand when everybody gets naughty. The site also gives you the best outdoor action and the best group sex of all time. Mostly the scenes feature up to six girls and six dudes. If you love the pre sex talks and stories then this is the perfect place for you.  The videos here tend to differ in quality but half of the 81 flicks are in full hd. the videos can be downloaded in formats like the windows media files, wmv and mp4 formats. There is no downloading limit in this site but if you get more than two videos I doubt if you can have enough time to watch them because they are very long.
Every flick is attached with a photo set that carries about 300 images. The images are clear and good to look at. They are only in high resolution. There are no slide shows but you can download them in zip files.

The girls

The site gives you horny girls who can do anything to achieve a good life or earn the highest grades. The ladies are so gorgeous and are not afraid of getting naked in front of the camera.

The prices

The site offers competitive prices first you will get the two day trial option for $1.00 then the monthly price goes for $19.95.