What This Site Is Really About

This site is about Emo chicks, tattooed girls, punk sluts, and even skater girls. Thus we expect these girls to have pierced nipples and even pussies that have piercings. So, all these scene sluts are going to suck cock, and also the alternative girls are also going to show off their pussies and masturbate right on this site. We thus have a lot to look forward to, so we went to the site. It said that everything on that site would be sexually explicit, including webpages, videos, and images and even links, so they warn you that unless you are a consenting adult you had best get off that page. They then want to make sure that you are of the correct age to get into this site, and so they mention that you should believe that looking at sexually explicit material isn’t obscene nor offensive. At that point they say that you have to say that you won’t expose non-adults to any of the content you are just about to see. They even say that you believe that your community does not think such material is illegal or obscene. Finally you have to say that you will take suitable steps to be absolutely sure an non-adult can’t see the contents of that site. It ends with a very nice reminder that should non-adults actually have access to your computer, then you might find the following products very helpful. Then they list ASACP, Cyberpatrol, Net Nanny and also Cybersitter. Following all of this is a very handy list of all the girlfriend sites that are in their network. They list such winning sites as Sluts With Phones, My Latina GF, Dirty Wives Exposed, My Asian GF, as well as The Fantastic GF Network. We are willing to bet that this list will come in handy later.

OK We Are In

Now we see exactly what Emo girls are, as well as scene sluts, groupies and who knows what else these chicks are into. Their pictures show them to be wide eyed sort of like some dirty drawings once used to show women and probably still do although we do not run into them anymore. The eyes are exceedingly wide and encircled with black makeup, the skin is as pale as can be, even including the lips. It is an eerie look, yet it is also very fetching. Then we see a girl with carrot colored hair, and yet another with light blue hair. Yet that’s all part of being an Emo girl, and probably fits in very well with what is needed at a site just like this. Yet another girl is shown with exceedingly long hair but it is purple as can be, and in fact matches the purple in the flowers around her as well as the purple in her hot pants and her boots. Then we see another incredibly beautiful girl with bright Pepto Bismol pink hair. Now as we look over all these amazing females, we also found out something important. Seems that everything that is on this site is user submitted. Thus all these gorgeous Emo girls are all doing all that sex stuff on their own. Another girl is shown with her hair dyed in both bright pink and black, but what strikes us as more important is the fact that she has two piercings on her lower lip. She is wearing non-earring type of jewelry on these piercings. Rather the jewelry looks like two studs that form two spikes coming out of her skin below her bottom lip!

What Else Is In This Site

The deeper we delved into this site, the more we were convinced that what most guys love about the goth girls found here is not the colored hair, the amazing tats, or even the super weird make up, but instead it is the goth girls’ desire to suck cock, and get fucked both in their pussies, as well as their assholes. The weird part, if one can see even weirder stuff here is seeing some of the sex stuff they get around to doing in connection with their piercings. The girls have piercings in not only their faces and such, but also in their pussies. Some of them had ribbons going in and out of the piercings that went all along their pussy lips, and they made the neatest blockade to their pussy with it. Then too, there are some who even got their clit pierced. Now, that just sounds so fucking painful, that we feel she must be a masochist to be able to even put up with the agony afterward, even if she used some sort of anesthetic injection to do the actual piercing.

Emo Girls Are unbelievably Loose

These Emo girls are simply unbelievably loose, meaning that they will fuck anything that has a cock. Over and over again we can watch them throw themselves at men who could not give a damn about them being Emo girls, and yet doing the Emo thing is so important to the girls
that one would think they would only be attracted to guys who appreciate the Emo look, and such. But, they do not seem to care, in fact they seem to get a special thrill out of shocking some of the regular guys with their piercings, their colored hair and even more so with their really weird tats. Tattoos are really in with these Goth girls, and one wonders what these girls are going to do when dirty tats of guys with huge cocks are no longer in and they are stuck with it covering their entire backs? We don’t know the answer, but we will watch in the future.

Time To Join

If you wish to join, you should know that it will include over 15 additional sites. Remember the list above? The cost for joining is very low. You can have a $1. 1 day trial, or a monthly membership for $0.83/day, or even a 3 month membership for as low as $0.67/day. Enjoy!